The Beginning

Seeing and hearing the struggles of a loved one with a life threatening illness will get your attention and worries! The medicine and therapies that was prescribed made her weak, loss of hair, no energy and weakens the immune system. She now has to live on medication for her whole life!

Another family member also struggling with the same effect after receiving similar therapies and medicine is now bedridden and not able to function properly. Eventually losing her health insurance and not able to get treatment. The result is living on 10-12 painkillers a day just to function. After noticing the remarkable improvement from adding Guyabano to her diet, we knew we had to spread the word about this amazing Guyabano fruit tree. Green Earth Vitamins was born out of this journey. 

Our Focus

A dedicated team with a commitment to provide each customer with the highest quality supplements and juices. To insure high standards, our supplements and juices are made in the USA in a GMP compliant laboratory.

Our genuine integrity is to educate people about health & wellness and to find alternative natural methods to help others avoid and overcome health conditions. We believe and strive to help other to improve their lifestyle. Our corporate offices are based in the USA in sunny Southern California, and are here to serve you whether you are in Los Angeles, New York, Asia, or anywhere else.


In July 2014 Green Earth Vitamins, Inc., on behalf of the University of Southern California (USC) and its Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center that is funded by the United States Department of Commerce, has been recognized for their outstanding contribution to the global health and wellness community.

It further says: "Since its inception, GEV has provided the global community with education and awareness that promote wellness and hope to thousands who trust in natural healing and its benefits. The GEV team has created the original Guyabano 650mg High Potency and Guyabano Complex supplements that are a unique line of immune and energy enhancing supplements that is produced in the United States (USA)". 

We are very proud of this recognition

Our Vision

Green Earth Vitamins, Inc. has expanded its product line by providing a complete range of products such as multivitamins, healthy organic herbal tea’s and juice.  Green Earth Vitamins, Inc., has transformed and expanded from its humble beginning into an international business of green, natural products. Our vision, driven by innovation, research and development, strong brands and excellent international management, is to be the best, green, natural company in the world.